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The Right Match

CoachM3 is a global boutique management consulting firm focusing on the right match versus large numbers of unmotivated clients. We are relentless about offering our highly specialized services to the right clients whether an individual, start-up business, faith-based organizations, government officials, high-profile artist, athlete or even a fortune 100 company. Clients are always assured our services are private and discreet when necessary. We have experience dealing with international news and public figures with the utmost confidentiality and respect. Our success model includes working with clients at various levels that match our integrity for business, hunger for unprecedented results and a desire to create in their own space.  We are known for engulfing our team in your success, so it is critical that we be selective about the clients we work with. We are confident that our products and services are world-class. Our reputation, surveyed results and client testimonials verify we deliver what we promise.

We are not only a boutique that manages and consults world class brands, but, also develops the next level of leaders and market influencers.  We understand that everyone is not on the world’s stage of success; so we focus on ensuring you are successful in your own blue ocean. Innovation and market disruption is core to our clients’ success and sustainability.   
WE REPRESENT clients that are a match for our highly specialized services. Many of our clients are already established and looking for their next level of success, brand recognition, or creativity.  We are often sought after to help break their personal glass ceiling. 

We aid our clients as they develop relationships with strategic partners. We vet out the best of the best to bring our clients the best. We often assist our clients in managing services they may need through our strategic partners.    
OUR ALLIANCES SPECIALIZE in working with Authors, Social Presence, Website Design, Research, Video and Graphic Artwork, Paralegal Services and Analysis.

Our Clients Have Been Seen On


Unapologetic Possibilities™

Our Signature Programs are Unapologetic about their amazing results! What does it feel like to be weightless, innovative and to create where fear is not allowed? We will dispel the thought that any shortcomings or limitations can keep you from living your best unapologetic life. You are full of possibilities and success in life and business. We should all own our stage in life and perform to the highest level of expertise and precision. You must be fully committed and prepared for experiential techniques designed to set your mind free. We will meet your mind’s creativity where eagles soar, blue oceans are endless, and we are no longer limited by what others think or feel about our success. Unapologetic Possibilities is designed for market influencers, thought leaders and disrupters who want to create their own matrix of success. 



Business Development

CoachM3 is unparalleled with executing expert advice to businesses at all stages.  Stakeholders often need business development that thrives on leading them to new ventures and uncharted territories.  Many organizations are overwhelmed by growth plans and find themselves stuck in the process of change. Aggressive techniques can even pick an organization out of the ashes of destruction and financial ruin to breathe new and invigorating life for future growth. Our team walks through all phases of development and re-establishes your blueprint for success with actionable steps to ensure your business stays in a growth pattern.  Coach M3 develops, drives and manages the development process to live out the answer to, “Who do you want to BE?”

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CoachM3 reputation has given her the name, “The Woman In the Back of Success.”  She is trusted to sharpen the strategic “blades” of executives, thought leaders and disruptors. Her techniques are unapologetic and often require a “thick skin” from her clients. She is not the coach for anyone looking for a cheerleader who won’t lead you to uncover the areas in need of growth. Ultimately, her clients view her as a direct, effective, relatable, funny, kindhearted and a loving person who gets straight to business and is relentless at results coaching and the methods it takes to achieve breakthrough. She often utilizes nontraditional experiential techniques to achieve optimal outcomes. There is no cookie cutter approach to achieving unapologetic results! Coaching should lead you with increased clarity to the edge of fear that releases empowerment, changed behaviors and actionable techniques. The results identify and isolate limited and unhealthy beliefs and habits. The future should lead to unapologetic success.
  • Unapologetic Possibilities “UP Life™”
  • House on Fire
  • Fear Extinguisher
  • The Groundbreaker
  • Alpha Male
  • Coaching CEO Sharpener
  • Celebrity/Athlete Coaching

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The Brand Strategist

Our highly specialized services focus on corporate and brand identity.  Our firm excels in strategic and creative guidance to high level corporate, government, and non-profit clients.  At CoachM3 the start up business is treated the same as an established world known brand. We focus on strategic identity and developing branding programs for our global clients. 
We specialize in the “BE Model” Brand Envigoration (UK), Brand Strategy and Identity Development, Brand Research, Social Media Marketing, Brand Naming Strategy, Messaging Strategy, Brand Architecture and Brand Planning Execution.

Ethical Crisis Management
The best form of crisis management is crisis prevention.  In crisis planning, communication and action every minute counts. CoachM3 focuses on swiftly, efficiently and ethically handling crisis. Many well managed crises can create positive opportunities for stakeholders. Every organization will experience a crisis, the difference is how it is handled. We have handled a variety of crises from companies, faith-based organizations and high-profile figures.
Specializing in Crisis Preparedness, Readiness, Response and Post Crisis Recovery
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Xperiences Live! “XL!

Events come and go but Xperiences have life time results. We don’t waste your valuable time and money on temporary hype or learning. We focus on providing you with an Xperience Live! ™ that gives you not only concrete actionable growth but an engaging environment where sustainable results are cultivated and ignited for life.  We focus on high energy, high impact and high return on investment for all our Xperiences LIVE! ™ 

Coming soon in 2020! 

Celebrity & Athlete Services

  • Brand Development & Management
  • Coaching
  • Crisis Management
  • Talent & Image Creation
  • Business Development & Management

High-end celebrities, athletes, their spouses and even immediate family often need representation that can see them and not just what they do.  We are extremely selective and elect to only represent those that we can help propel.  We specialize in critical and crucial coaching that helps adapt to new found notoriety and success.  We take great pride in the confidential services that we offer to our high profile clients. We have helped them with brand development, branding, image reconstruction and public relations management. We have helped clients diversify their brands for long term streams of residual income and crisis management. We have managed these individuals on the world stage or in their personal homes. Many of these clients are receiving confidential services that are never made public.

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Many high-profile celebrities’ & athletes’ public crises and financial challenges are directly related to lack of coaching and management for their spouse, families and closest friends. Our goal is to help your circle of influence understand your celebrity needs and expectations. Our holistic approach of confidential mindset and habit adjustments helps celebrities focus on their craft versus the pitfalls that have ended many promising or even successful careers.
This is the cornerstone of our purpose statement:  “Our clients hire us to make them look good.  Shhhhh!  Nobody but us has to know!”
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