Our Story

The business was founded March 5, 2007 as a consulting and coaching company by Meloney Michelle Miller with these statements: The World Is Waiting on You! Let Us Help Them Find You TODAY! M³ stands for Motivation for Life, Motivation for Family and Motivation for Business. Our business over the years continues to evolve as our breath of specialties has expanded in our boutique. We remain a privately-owned business of highly experienced and passionate people who collaborate closely with our clients from beginning to end. We pride ourselves that our projects and clients are as diverse as our world.

Our Puzzle Pieces Tribe

Smiles and Warriors can come in the same package. This team of partners we call “Puzzle Pieces” and “Strategic Puzzle Partners” are a daily example that smiles and warriors can come in the same package. At the core we are honest, well-meaning business-savvy professionals who lead our clients to amazing results.
We are passionate about life, our families and the global community. We believe we are here to serve to our highest level of purpose. Purpose and assignment directs our business actions.

We are authentic and honest. We are a spiritually-minded organization with a philanthropic heart.  We strive to support our clients’ dreams and goals by utilizing well established business techniques, proven method and our creative twist to separate clients from the world in a cluttered marketplace. We decided at inception we would not treat any client like a cookie-cutter pattern.


We are just good. Wait no we are great! We don’t believe in settling for average. We are never hired to maintain the status quo. We are hired to shine light, explore your blue oceans or elevate your level of greatness where appropriate.


We seek unapologetic success for each client! Our sole purpose is to leave our clients, customers and the world even greater than we found them. We don’t believe in fairy dust, but we use our own creativity and knowledge to help our clients’ dreams, visions and projects come to their ultimate purpose.
We are relentless at achieving optimal results in any situation. We fight the battles when necessary for our clients.


We knew our gifts serve a greater purpose.
We genuinely care about the success of others.
We wanted to create a legacy to inspire others.
We wanted to create a business we’d love and would be willing to fight for.
We wanted to spend time with our aging parents and families and “chosen families”.
We are just passionate about our craft

We are Givers!
Giving back, community service, a social conscience and philanthropy are at the core of our existence.

Pillars of Community Services for M³ & Co.
Prison Recidivism Rate Reduction
Career Development for Under and Unemployed
Developing Young Ladies
Elderly and their Family Caregivers