M3 & Co – Global Strategy, Development & Consulting is a results-driven firm helping companies, organizations and professionals through a layered approach focused on: 



Who is M3?

Our consulting and development firm helps companies and professionals fine tune their direction and growth for the benefit of the organization and the customers. Our approach to Organizational Direction, Change Management, and Professional Development demonstrates that each piece of the puzzle must be motivated to drive market superiority by fulfilling each unique function. We are known for developing strong customer and team relations that achieve optimal results and drive revenue-generation and profit. Our consulting alliance is as diverse as our customers ensuring you are provided a broad approach in an ever-changing cross-generational and multi-cultural environment.

Modalities – With signature services like our Career Bootcamp, America’s Workforce Needs (AWN), Various Professional Advancement Bootcamps and 1-Day Business Strategy Sessions, we consistently surpass our client’s expectations and successfully deliver relevant and practical products. Our services can be accessed through many different modalities, and in many different locations, making us the one-stop shop your company has been looking to partner.
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Mediation
  • Bootcamps and Academies
  • On-Site and Hosted

Why us?
Companies and business models vary,  so, providing services that are not cookie-cutter makes us the right partner for your success.  M3 & Co. has a proven record for exceeding our client’s needs and desires by developing customer specific packages that reflect internal and external realities.  M3 & Co. is recognized for integrity, compassion, empathy, strong values and a commitment to quality. We are relied upon by our customers and partners to bring order to chaos.  The journey to sustainable success is a welcomed partnership that M3 & Co. embarks on with each of its business partners.
Who Are Our Clients?
Every team or organization needs support to sustain and grow.  It has been our privilege to be invited to partner with and provide services to achieve success in multiple arenas.  Whether it’s a transitioning CEO or a transitioning former inmate or a university or a media personality, we take people and their needs where they are, develop a plan to achieve success and walk the plan out with our clients to support sustainability.  It’s what excites us about all the people and organizations we have worked with and it’s what excites us about working with you.


What is the SDC Model?

Our Approach to Working With Clients

Strategize, Develop and Consult (SDC) is an approach M3 & Co. takes with every client it works with from non-profits to manufacturers to entertainers to faith-based organizations.  SDC is not a cookie cutter process.  Instead, we recognize that every team has a unique story and “Why”.  Whether the end goal is to set up a new office or to shut one down, to re-launch a waning business or pump some life into a fractured team, we endeavor to develop your specific plans that meet your specific requirements.  This journey to success has been proven to exceed our client’s expectations and needs and has made our services a value added to their team’s successes.


“Failed to Plan? - You Are Planning to Fail.” That adage will be true in Year-Fifty as it was on Day-One of your organization.  Every new phase, new project or new milestone of your company should have a vision and a plan attached.  Ensuring the plan you started is still valid and is still taking you where you intend to go – that is invaluable. Identifying strengths, weaknesses, values and behaviors for you, your stakeholders and your base can be the difference between time and resources well spent and lost opportunities.  Mapping out where your products or services, your time and your resources are going can be the guiding light to keep your company on the right path.


From your intern to your executives, anyone that associates themselves with your business directly reflects your business’s image. They reflect it in the services and products they touch or promote, they reflect it in the way they present themselves to the purchasing and supplying public, and they reflect it in the intellectual knowledge they offer your organization daily.  Make sure your staff, managers and thought-leaders can be considered the industry’s strongest  thereby making your company strong, viable and competitive.
  • Professional Development Trainings and Workshops (incl…)
    • Customer Service/Customer Care
    • Supervision
    • Business Communication
    • Critical Thinking
    • Business Etiquette
  • Professional Development Bootcamps
  • Manager and Supervisors Trainings
  • Basic Skills Development
  • Leadership and Thought Development
  • Outplacement Services


Seeking wise counsel for guidance, direction or fresh thoughts is a way for good leadership to infuse new ideas and help their organization continue to progress.  Our team provides bold, innovative, and practical advice, thoughts and ideas to help you meet your identified (and sometimes unidentified) goals, refresh a team and help your company stay on course.

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