CEO Sharpener

Sharpener: A device or tool for making something sharper, esp. pencils or knives. Sharpening the leader is at the core of what Meloney does daily. She believes part of her existence is to sharpen the blade of the King or Queen, “CEO.” She knows the leader is appointed by God and she is designed to help them rule or “lead” effectively.

Meloney has a long accomplished career of working in executive management in corporate America and managing multi-million dollar divisions for profit and cost reduction. She has also personally been recognized and awarded at The President’s Club level of an international training and consulting organization for reaching million dollar sales in her career. She has sharpened CEO’s at all levels with diverse backgrounds and needs.  Beating the odds to create successful leaders is a passion. International CEO’s, government officials, Not-for-Profit heads, entertainers, faith-based and start-up leaders all privately call on Meloney to sharpen their blades of success. As a CEO for over a decade she understands the complexities of working with little to no budget or working to diffuse debt or working with multi-million dollar budgets. Sharpening techniques can be challenging, thought-provoking and even mentally exhausting; however, the outcome produces optimal results and a lifetime of rewards. Clients love the slogan, “My clients hire me to make them look good…Shhhhh! Nobody but us has to know.” The CEO Sharpener is for leaders who want to live and create without boundaries and are not restrained by conventional limits. This is where legends are sharpened.

Are we a match for each other?