Magnate Speaker & Author

Magnate: A person of great influence, importance, or standing in a particular enterprise, field of business, etc. A person of eminence or distinction in any field. A wealthy and influential person, especially in business-captain of industry, tycoon or mogul

Meloney is a speaker’s speaker. Her style draws you vividly in with raw emotions that take you from tears to joy regardless of the subject. She has a unique connection with audiences that make them believe they are in a private session with her. Many have said they felt she was reading their life out loud. Meloney has spoken to thousands annually for over a decade.

She has been brought in as keynote speak and master trainer from ballrooms to prisons to intimate settings to living-rooms around the country through her reoccurring segment on the news. Regardless of the aesthetics or audience she delivers a world class encounter each time. Years later she is often stopped and reminded of key parts of her appearances that have resonated with individuals to rise to their personal or organizational best. She has been a celebrated speaker in person, virtually and internationally for over a decade. She is an influential speaker who helps drive momentum for growth, self-examination and most importantly action. Meloney has now begun to branch out from speaking to authoring several books that will continue her magnate legacy. For years she has authorized original content and training manuals for private clients and organizations. Next Meloney takes her recognition as a thought leader to paper with these remarkable books ready to launch in 2021.

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