Brand Architecture & Management
"The Groundbreaker"

Groundbreaker: A person who is an originator, innovator, or pioneer in a particular activity. An original idea, product, or the likes that leads to or makes possible further developments, growth, improvements, etc.

Groundbreakers need room to think and explore the unapologetic possibilities of their life, brand and/or business in a space that allows them creativity without traditional limitations. They also want to create brand legacy that continuously makes the ground shake in their industry. Dreamers need a dreamer who can help them turn thoughts and ideas into executable plans that have solid goals and direction.

Meloney is sought after from the boardroom, to the office, and from faith-based organizations to international world-renowned entertainers for her wit and eye for talent. Many creative minds find Meloney as a safe advocate to explore their vision without fear of compromise. She is known for her pure honesty and willingness to help creative talent avoid missing the mark or becoming a victim of their past success. Her mind is always thinking of what is next to help create streams of income and influence with her clients. She is known for creating brands and ideas that demand lasting marketplace recognition and placement amongst customers, fans and peers. As a brand architect she develops solid brand structure that creates a strong message for brand distinction and elevation. Talented and creative minds respect that she doesn’t allow their fame or celebrity to affect how she provides advice, guidance and management. Throughout the years she has served as a confidante to international brands and names to help them remain true to their craft and purpose. She lives by the question, “Who Do You Want to Be?” and manages talent towards that mark with relentless pursuit and execution. Meloney has demonstrated the ability to innovate in markets and organizations that have become a victim of their own limitations and even their own success. Her work ethic and demand are not for the faint at heart, so she is very selective when deciding if someone is the right client to work with.

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