Thick Skin Coach

Thick Skin: Someone who is not easily upset or insulted and who can take criticism well. Thick Skin people have the ability to live through it all, regardless of what people say or do.

Having thick skin does not mean you are callous, unfeeling or even mean spirited. It simply means you have decided to live a life that is unmoved by the criticism and constant opinions of others. Meloney’s coaching style is the definition of thick-skin living at its best. 

Her honest, caring and direct approach allows clients to take off their mask of limitations and deal with issues head on. She thrives in critical and crucial conversations in all areas of life. She doesn’t coach you to make you feel good for temporary moments or false gratification. She drives you through her thick skin coaching process so that you realize your personal best, removing doubt, limitations and fear of rejection from your blueprint of success. Meloney has demonstrated her thick skin coaching style in high profile and sensitive arenas where most would just nod their heads.   Meloney admits she is not everyone’s coach; her life has been designed for those who are tired of living by others’ standards or below their personal best. Meloney has done it all, from coaching individuals in the boardroom to flying across the country to coach individuals in their homes. Thick Skin Coaching is about doing whatever it takes to break down limitations to your unapologetic possibilities of success. If you want results that others dream about, you might be a match for this Thick Skin Coach.

Are we a match for each other?