Mindset of a Business Owner – Live


When business owners are deliberate about success, their businesses and their customers win!


(Triangle NC area)

Friday, November 17, 2023VIP ONLY

Saturday, November 18, 2023 – GENERAL SESSION

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M-Cubed & Co is dedicated to working with businesses and business owners to Strategize towards success and Develop their personnel to support that success.  The Mindset of a Business Owner is a suite of services and trainings that highlight fundamental business principles that will ensure you are more than a just a Great Entrepreneur, but that you are a Great Business Man or Woman.

Just in time for the 2023 holiday season and the beginning of one of YOUR best sales years ever, we are bringing together our business owners for MINDSET OF A BUSINESS OWENER – LIVE, a 2-Day LIVE Event!  Think of this a 2-day Class of Masters designed to send you out to the holiday season and the next year ready to blow your goals, expectations and competition out of the water.

You do not have time to wait, think, worry, doubt, procrastinate or put off till tomorrow.  In real basic business speak – Tomorrow is ALREADY HERE!!  

This is for the owner or manager or team who clearly sees the light for 10%, 25%, 30% increased revenue but needs the support to push.  This is for the team that wants to “Sell the Heck Out of Christmas”, “Find Your Market”, and “Stop Leaving Money on the Table”. This is not for the person who is still thinking about how to get ready to launch, nor for the person still more fearful than hopeful or hungry.


What do you get:

  • 2 Days
  • Dynamic Speakers
  • Relevant Topics
  • Innovative Presentations
  • Experts to Glean From
  • Materials to craft your strategies


Make your business practices great.  Be the great business owner you know you are and change that mindset!