What a Successful Year Looks Like?

Businesses look at success in different ways. Profit and Loss are good measure of success. Supply and Demand are another. But a well-rounded company is also going to measure their success by how evident is their company’s Commitment to Excellence.
A company can begin to measure this with their executive and management staff. The old adage, “it starts from the top down,” really means something when you look at the culture of a company. There is a belief that you can tell what the CEO is thinking by speaking first to the lowest line staff person. If that person is jovial and inviting, you can bet you have an inclusive, happy, and vibrant executive. If that staff person is grumpy or insulting to customers and suppliers, it can be safe to say the chief executives are not too far off. The leader of company sets the tone. What will be allowed or disallowed. How customers and suppliers will feel about doing business with this company. What image this company will have in the buying and consuming community. So, if a company’s executive suite is stocked with people that are committed to excellence, you can better believe they will only allow people in their company that will promote that same commitment, even at the lowest level. If not, if there is any chink in this chain, that executive will never be confident in their success.
A company can next measure this with that same staff that is following leadership. Companies should be excited to witness staff encouraging each other to meet goals, to learn standards, and to improve productivity. Staff at all levels should be working together to welcome potential and existing customers into their house. When staff show an interest in improving quality and decreasing scrap, embrace that and show them what that means and how. That is a company that will have staff work tirelessly and meticulously to meet new customer needs and exude the commitment to excellence standard.
A company can further measure this with their products and services. While competition should inspire quality, the commitment to excellence will keep a company on “their grind” to continuously review and improve their products and services. The customer experience is tied to this. If the product or service is the best, the consumer will enjoy their consumption experience to the highest degree. That product durability, consistency and sustainability are as important as aesthetics or sensory factors. A product that shows the company’s commitment to excellence will stand the test of time, of reputation, and even the test of industry evolution. If that’s not a measure of success, not a lot is.
Success means so many things, but a company that can measure their success with sentiment like commitment will find leaders, personnel and quality are the strength of their foundation. A company that can boast Commitment to Excellence will look back and see even more areas of success and will have the confidence to forecast a strong next year.

Tanya Taylor Dingle, JD
Chief Strategy Officer
M³ & Co. Global