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Riot Alerts with Meloney M. Miller
Join the RIOT!

Today’s Investment Options:
90 Day Riot Alert Plan for less than 50¢ a day investment.
 Life Riot
 Wealth Riot
 Double Riot (Life and Wealth)

365 Day Riot Alert Plan for less than 50¢ a day investment
 Life Riot
 Wealth Riot
 Double Riot (Life and Wealth)

Enroll now at these introductory rates. These rates are not guaranteed and can expiration
at any time. All Programs start August 1st and require prepayment now.

My name is Meloney Michelle Miller (My WHOLE Name Matters) and I am your RIOT Leader
if you are ready! Let’s decide to evict average, evict doubt, evict fear and evict financial lack
from our lives forever!

Let the RIOTS begin!
Multiple Riot Alerts Weekly that will even guide you through days were no active alert
90- or 365-day plan does not mean daily alerts it means weekly multiple touchpoints that give
you more than enough Riot material to cover the 90-day or 365-day plan.

Life Riot
How you feel about your life will show up in ALL areas of life. Many of us struggle in silence to
keep our mind focused on the amazing life we are designed to have. Weekly, I will text you
RIOT ALERTS that include just in time motivation, assignments, activities and tips for the
week, surprise pop up videos. I have come to RIOT against what is average and comfortable. My
Coaching style will challenge you to act. As the, “Thick Skin Coach” I need you to come ready
to FIGHT for every part of your destiny. Your life and your legacy depend on you NOT
SETTLING this time. It also depends on you staying the course regardless of how your emotions
feel when it gets uncomfortable. MOST major movements have come through disruption and

Wealth Riot
No person, family, business or brand should be in debt. No matter what your past you do not
have to live in financial lack and miss out on a wealthy existence. People measure the commas
different when it comes to wealth. I am asking you to join me on doing what is necessary even if
it is uncomfortable to live a wealth riot life. I am asking you to join your own personal wealth
riot journey. Regardless the level of wealth you desire you deserve a level of wealth that you are
not living today.

Ready to CATPULT your RIOT?!
Select the Option that is right for you for less than 50¢ a day you could change or advance the
trajectory of your life and/or wealth. If you don’t decide this is worth the cost of less than a
bottled water, a can soda or a $1 menu burger than I am NOT your RIOT Leader! I am CALLED
to SHARPEN those WHO Will NOT Settle. Sometimes, that means doing something that seems
completely different than your norm and different from your family and friends. This is for LIFE

The lowest program is valued at $300 and I want you to succeed so bad that I have decided to
offer these programs for a tithe of what they are valued at. No hidden motives. I ONLY ask is
that you share the movement with your friends, families, colleagues and social media as it helps
you. Suggest they consider joining the movement if they need a life changing experience. As you
grow, you can also consider other services and products we have. Please also send us a testimony
and tell us how this movement ADVANCED your life and/or wealth. See my destiny has already
told me it will change your life so now I need you to join us in this RIOT!

Many of you need to join me with examining parts of your life as to WHY you can’t change,
advance or jump start what you need in your personal life, business, brand and absolutely your
wealth. We together need to join FORCES in creating a RIOT that is so profound that you and
your legacy wonder why you didn’t do this earlier. The time is NOW, and the person is YOU! I
want to be your RIOT Leader! I want you to know that you can start riots that advance your life
and wealth.

Who told you that settling for just enough is living your best life? Who told you that getting by
in your finances is living the dream? This very moment I ask you to examine that childlike
curiosity and LEAP with me. LEAP towards the phenomenal destiny your life has already
outlined for you. Your spirit has already seen you successful, full of joy, managing your fear and
excelling in your life and wealth. Why wouldn’t you take ACTION to join your spirit in bliss?!

As your Riot Leader, I want to encourage and challenge you weekly to stick to the plan your
spirit and soul have ready in place for you. To use your mind as a tool to CATAPULT you and
minimize the negative thoughts, fears, and limitations that want you to stay chained to regret. I
want to take you on a worthwhile journey WE must fight for daily. See we all must come to a
line in the sand that makes us put in the work needed to create our best success. I am not asking
you to chase empty dreams. I am LEADING you to GRASP hold of YOUR dreams.

See when I aligned myself, I tapped into my gift of sharpening the king and the queen’s sword.
That ultimately means I am phenomenal at helping people live their purpose. Destiny is not just a
word you hear in Disney Movies. It is a word that you and I are designed to live out.

For years only high-end clients, government officials, celebrities and wealthy individuals could
afford my services unless sponsored through a government program or some of my volunteer
efforts. Many people say, if I could just hear from you weekly, I could stay on track, take on the
world or realize my true self. They would then show disappointment that they couldn’t afford
your individual services. My current and past clients often talk about how one text from me
aligns their week. I want to join forces with you and start YOUR RIOT! You need YOU first and
foremost. How in the WORLD can you keep slaying dragons, doubt, fear, lack and debt for
EVERYONE else and NOT decide to SLAY your own living nightmares? The great thing is you
are better equipped for your families, your communities and the world needs when you are living
out your PERSONAL destiny.

I am your Riot Leader!
Who should join me? Well, anyone that knows the are designed for greatness or need to get to
their ultimate level of greatness. At the most basic level, this is for you even if you have a slight
feeling you could live a greater existence than you live TODAY.

Who should start a RIOT TODAY?
 Everyone that is not scared of putting in the extra work
 That is the Teacher
 The College Student
 The Entertainer
 The Athlete
 The Stay at Home Mom or Dad
 Couples
 The Entrepreneur
 The Factory Worker
 The Author
 The Coach
 The Consultant
 The Firefighter
 The 9 to 5 Worker
 The Broke and Broken in Spirt
 The Executive Trapped behind Pretend Success
 The Spiritual Leader who Struggles with Doubt
 The Provider that doesn’t know where their family or business is going to get money for
to make it through the year (even the month).


Ok, What will we do?!
 We will change the world through our #LifeRiot and our #WealthRiot!
 We will make smarter decisions when necessary and we will take unimaginable
calculated risk when appropriate!
 We will RIOT for everything that is good and beautiful in our lives.
 We will RIOT for a mentally healthy future full of joy!
 We will RIOT for a sustainable financial future that has you comfortable screaming the
phrase, “Wealth Riot! Wealth Riot! Wealth Riot!”

Ok, how do I get started today?
You will select which option is best for you and sign up immediately. No more thinking about it
or I will get to it later. You don’t have later. This Riot is starting with or without you!

What is a Riot?
A riot is a noisy, violent public disorder caused by a group or crowd of person, as by a crowd
protesting against another group.
Guess what?! You are protesting against the part of YOU that is not ready to take change by any
means necessary. You deserve not to live another second missing out on your best life and

Additional Custom Options:
CEO Sharpener or Individual Life Sharpener Option
If you know you are already living as a Riot Leader in several areas and you know your life,
brand, career, idea and/or business is worth 6 Figures or more and you are ready to INVEST in
LEADER level Coaching & Consulting then contact me for an individual consultant
at here.

Important FACTS about Custom Options
 All clients are not accepted for individual services. It must be a match. PLEASE only use
this option if you know you DESIRE an individual accelerated program and my nonsense
approach to your destiny!
 You understand that a 6-7 figure revenue year goal means you MUST INVEST your
finances in individual level of sharpening from me. This is not for individuals not ready
to make this level of investment of time or money. It is for those that know they need this
level of investment of time and money to ensure their 6-7 figure revenue year goal is not
just a dream.

Who is Meloney Michelle Miller?
 Coach M3 is known as, “The Woman in The Back of Success
 As the CEO Sharpener she sharpens the blades (that means skills) of the King and Queen
(That is YOU) sword (purpose and destiny) and stop dreaming about it!
 She is the CEO of M3 and Co. Global for over 12 years
 CEO and Visionary of the Marvelous League
 She Starts Riots!
 Years of experience as a corporate Executive Managing over $20M budgets annually
 A Fixer who has helped celebrities and high-profile clients manage public crises and
multimillion-dollar problems.
 A Master Coach and Magnate Brand Strategist with over 15 years’ experience who has
been responsible for bringing in over a million in revenue for her clients annually.
 Sales Experience as a million-dollar consulting with expertise in Relational Sales.
 She is sought after by executives, celebrities, government officials, thought leaders and
individuals who know there MUST be more to LIFE and the WANT to pursue it NOW!
Many of her clients hire her privately for confidently. She is known for the phrase, My
Clients Hire Me to Make them Look Good! Shhhhh! Nobody, but us has to know.

Welcome to the RIOT!