Budget Session Workshops



AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM April 25th, 2019 (Audio/Video)
LIVE – VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Saturday, May 18th, 2019 (9:30 am – 11:30 am EST)

Do you find math, cost sheets or budgets daunting? Do you always find yourself having to come out of
pocket for expenses (or even the product or service itself), even though your customer has paid you?
Do you still pay your business expenses and your household expenses out of the same pot? Do you
guess at how much discount you can afford to give?

If you answered YES to any of these questions…you need to join us for Budget Sessions and its
supportive consulting services. You will invest over 4 hours participating in self-directed and
facilitated learning and practical activities developing tools and gaining knowledge to help you
understand budgets and pricing. All with the goal of getting your business’s, yours and your family’s
money right!

M 3 & Co. is dedicated to connecting business owners with the knowledge and tools to change the way
they do business. We believe there should be no broke business owners! If business owners change
some of their perspective and actions, ultimately changing their Mindsets, we know there will be
more successful businesses and great business owners.
(Note: This is a workshop with some time being spent on working on targeted elements of your
budget. See the store or contact us for 1:1 consultation opportunities if you need more dedicated
assistance in completing your budget or cost sheet. We’d be happy to work with you.)

Budget Sessions Workshop (Pre-Recorded and Live Sessions)
1 – Seminar styled video/audio recordings on the following essential topics:
 Paying Yourself!- Learn how to let your business pay its own bills and maybe you’ll learn how
to pay yourself too.
 How Much Does Your “Widget” Really Cost? – Learning how to examine your Costs and your
prices to ensure you control what you charge.

 Let’s Make a Profit – Understand the difference between Break Even and Profit. Figure out
what margins make sense in your industry.
– Sessions will include PowerPoint presentation
– Any Worksheets associated with a session will be sent as an additional link
1- Live – Virtual Workshop styled facilitated group session to:
– Learn – So you have the tools to manage your business’s finances better
– Do – Begin to touch and create the pieces of your successful budget (facilitated worksheet)
– Ask – Q & A opportunity
– Client should have access to video conferencing abilities via computer or mobile device and
standard internet speed (If no access, please contact us first prior to purchasing this service)
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