Branding “Me Inc.”


America’s Workforce Needs (AWN) is a series of programs designed to address many of the issues that are important to the Workforce at the Workplace.  AWN will excite employers, managers, supervisors, jobseekers, career progressors, and everyone else that makes America’s Workforce great.  America’s Workforce wants to be competitive, relevant, inclusive and innovative.  See the offerings below to join the movement.

There is a great company out there with the best product on earth and it needs you to work for it.  It’s called “Me Inc.”  Many people feel hopeless when they must present themselves on an interview or resume.  They don’t know how to get an employer to see their worth.  This course takes the approach that you are actually a company in your own right.  You have a product and service that you “sell” to an employer.  Therefore, you should develop and “own” your brand the way so many other businesses do.  This class is perfect for both the person seeking employment and the person seeking promotion.  You will walk away with a clearer and more concise “pitch” and an improved sense of confidence when you meet people.  You will find that when you think of yourself from a business lens, you will become more strategic in what opportunities you will go after and how you view the opportunities you have had to date.  When you brand “Me, Inc.” you take charge of your destiny and how people and companies view you.  With that type of perspective, you will soon discover even the sky is not a limit!  Online Course will have access for 12-month period after purchase. 

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