Management Strategy Session (MSS)



America’s Workforce Needs (AWN) is a series of programs designed to address many of the issues that are important to the Workforce at the Workplace.  AWN will excite employers, managers, supervisors, jobseekers, career progressors, and everyone else that makes America’s Workforce great.  America’s Workforce wants to be competitive, relevant, inclusive and innovative.  See the offerings below to join the movement.

Management Strategy Session (MSS) – Business managers and owners plan annually for a successful year.  They look at their resources, their upcoming projects, their vendors, suppliers and staff and they project what goals they foresee as doable and how they will hit those goals.  Many managers meet with their executives to receive a basic plan that the manager must figure out how to implement.  However, if you treat your department like your own company, you will come up with a plan yourself that will not only help you meet and exceed your company’s expectations, but help you create sustainable momentum that will carry you into your next year and next opportunity.  Strategic Management means you are a strategic manager.  MSS is a semi-dedicated session to help you map out your goals, identify the resources you have to succeed, discuss the strength of your staff resources and help you draft a feasible plan you and your team can execute.  It’s the best business investment you’ll make in yourself to ensure your success and your peace of mind. (This Session is designed to be conducted for 1 manager or a team of managers.  If purchasing for your team of managers; contact us to discuss before purchase.)

$996 per Manager (More than 75% savings off comparable Management Retained Consultation Services)

  • Dedicated Preliminary Consultation Session
  • 6-hour session to focus on Framework to create Manager’s:
    • Plan for Department
    • Plan for Team
    • Plans for Individual Staff
    • Plan for Personal Management Goals
  • Calendar for Implementation
  • Up to 3 months follow up for continuous Plan implementation and accountability
  • This session will allow you to walk away with written framework for all above plans
  • Bonus: Additional session to create Personal Management Goals Plan

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